Black City (Black City, #1)

Black City (Black City, #1)Black City by Elizabeth Richards
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 stars.

This book started out as something I thought I would love. ...................... That was my brain flat lining. ~.~

The shifts in POV's was done okay, not the best I've seen, I say about a 4.5 out of 10. The whole infatuation thing about the two mains, was a piss off. I'm not going to read the next book, it's going to be a carbon copy of this one. The insta-love gets worst.

The book is a slow read, at 50% nothing major happens, beside a classmates death and the love plot gets underway. That's what blew the book for me; all of a sudden it was all about the forbidden romance. <- This seems to be the new normal <- another piss off.

I didn't like the instance love, actually I hated it and it's pretty much why I'm kiboshing YA books.

I normally read YA books after binging on Crime series or true crime novels. You know, like looking at kittens after watching Criminal Minds. They're are easy reads, and full of fluff.

This book was full of crap and made me want to have a shower, a hot scalding one.

It's just not believable.

The love, oh the love, stupid love, it just took up the whole book. Everything was about the sicking cheesy love. Of course you know after they admitted their undying love for one another, after a week, and she chooses Ash over her only, I stress only, real friend, (WTF!) because that's enough time to know someone inside and out. Right.

The main plot was trashed and placed on the, get to it late shelf.

I've place this book on my, going to burin it shelf.

I’ve had a few boyfriends throughout my life and I’ve only really loved one, and it wasn’t my “High school sweet heart.” Because come on, that's what all YA love stories are, no matter what time, future, past, or present.

To me love isn’t something just hits you out of the blue because you ran into a hot guy (that’s lust), It's a mixture of everything. Form the first date, to becoming friends, to finding out everything you hate about that person, to meeting their or your crazy family. Love at first sight is a myth, now lust at first sight, that’s very real. I don’t know about you but if some guy after the first kiss, tells me I’m his blood mate, and we’re fated to be together, and all that jazz, I would run and keep running.

Natalie also has this; -I’m not pretty- thing going on, when she’s actually a hottie. YA novels are starting to sound like the CW network.

And there's just something about making up new swear swords that's just, fucking utterly annoying. If your going to make one up swears, actually make it sound bad, dirty, and cringe worthy. Not something like fragg, what the hell is fragg? Like really, why the hell did the author think that fragg would be the perfect futuristic swear sword? Sounds like something I would tell a child (3-10) to say in place of the "Bad Words". Fuck has been around for centuries, and I believe it's going to stay that way for many more.

If you want new swears, go talk to a sailor, or anyone in the military, we tend to make up some pretty wicket ones, especially when we get hurt (<- everyday, ships are dangerous. I've sprouted some pretty colourful ones myself, on occasion.)

Pulse, the not so bad boy, that's actually an amazing guy, who's is actually a cheating bastard, what the hell. Really what the hell. I got nothing for that one, but pure anger. Ash needs to be stacked in both hearts.

P.S I think teens need to stop saving the world.

P.S.S. In the book the vampires are call “nippers” I’m from Newfoundland and that’s what we call mosquitoes, I just couldn’t take that seriously.

Edit: I just thought of something (I was at work when I wrote the above review)I had some time on the bus to ponder my dislike for Black City. Okay you start out with these so called strong defined characters and all is good, until they fall in love and everything goes to shit. They go from kick ass to throw up on kittens. Cute and sickening. People don't change like that, not that fast.

Until I read again.

Don't go chasing waterfalls and,

With Disapoitment and saddness for this thing call a book, I leave you.



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