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Jessica Ruddick
Genre: YA Supernatural
Release Date: March 20th 2017Add to Goodreads

Summary from Goodreads:

How do you live with yourself when you decide who dies?

Ava Parks would have killed for an iPod for her sixteenth birthday. Anything would have been better than coming into her birthright of being a seeker for the Grim Reaper, an arrangement made by her fallen angel ancestor in exchange for his re-admittance to heaven. And she isn’t just any seeker—she finds souls that have the potential for becoming angels and sentences them to death. A year and two souls into her role as a seeker with her conscience overflowing with guilt, Ava comes up with a plan to thwart the system. When it goes awry, she is forced to submit the name of a classmate, Cole Fowler, an ornery, rough around the edges guy who always seems to come to her rescue, whether she likes it or not. Her feelings for Cole prompt her to intervene, and she saves him from death, upsetting the Grim Reaper’s agenda.

While Ava schemes to find a way to save Cole, she learns he has some secrets of his own. She lets him believe he is protecting her, and not the other way around, until a final showdown with the Grim Reaper forces Ava to make choices Cole may never forgive.
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(I received this book free in exchange for my honest review)
My Rating:  4 1/2 Stars

Oh my my my...... This was not what I was expecting. 

When I first started reading, I cringed because it starts like every other YA, and my interest and heart wasn't in it. But Holy hell I was wrong. The plots stayed on point, there was never a dull moment, and the witty banter, I was in tears sometimes. 

This book is truly a diamond in the rough. It kicked in YA cliché's a took names. This was what writing should be about, creating your own story, not reusing the same cookie cutter plots and twisted into something else, we're not stupid we know when it's just about the money. This book will rekindle your love for not only YA but in reading in general. 

I highly recommend this book, it's everything I needed and more. You will not be able to put this book down once you start. I can't for the next instillment. 

Happy Reading. ❤ 

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Jessica lives in Virginia with her college-sweetheart husband, two rambunctious sons, and two rowdy but lovable rescue dogs. Since her house is overflowing with testosterone, it’s a good thing she has a healthy appreciation for Marvel movies, Nerf guns, and football.

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