Beastly Tales by M.J. Haag

Guest Reviewer: Jill-Ann Guyette
Rating: ★★★★★

                     We all know the tale of Beauty and her Beast. The bookworm daughter of an inventor who is the desire of the town’s main man; the prince who lives in an enchanted castle serving penance for his selfish ways. But what happens when the beauty is the youngest of three girls and is treated more like Cinderella? What happens when the beast is enchanted for his lewd and indecent behaviour?  You get the Beastly Tales!

 Categorized on Goodreads as an Adult Romance with an added note of intended for mature readers due to sexual situations, violence (attempted rape), and moderate language.  That being said, my review may also contain moderate language and wished violence.
The series paints our lead lady Benella just as you would hope. She is strong, independent, witty and stubborn (takes after many great women that I know and love!). You quickly fall in love with the father/daughter bond which gives you happiness despite the poverty in which they live. No time passes before you begin to loathe the sisters and their selfish, materialistic ways.  

The beast we learn was cursed because he chose to fuck rather than accept his inherited duties. Treating women like objects that were only there to satisfy his sexual appetite and boy do we learn he has one!  But you cheer for him as you hope the beast can be tamed.
The first book you learn Benella prefers trousers to a dress, would rather read and hunt than cook and sew. And her virtue, she intends to save until she is wed. We learn some history from a candlemaker regarding the speculation as to why the beast guards the enchanted manor. Quickly we discover the fondness the beast has for Benella. Oh and I can’t forget how the hatred for most of the townsmen causes you to wish you could cut off their penis’ and shove it down their throats!

Moving into the second book Benella’s family starts fresh in a new town and soon she finds herself agreeing to live in the enchanted manor with the beast in order to save her familys lives. As she begins to find herself learning that the beast isn’t the only one with pent up energies, she is taken and nearly raped (for the second time) but saved by the (no longer) beast. Confusion arises as you learn the enchantress is somebody you had also had taken a liking to throughout the second book.

Finally you near the end and move into book three. Benella no longer trusts the beast because she is too stubborn to let things go. The beast can see himself being with nobody but her since he’s (literally) had a taste of her sweetness. The witch is once again in disguise and putting everything on edge. The townsmen you hate have not stopped trying to destroy Benella’s innocence. Karma is slowly kicking her sisters in the twat (as you do a happy dance).

We all know Beauty and the Beast had their happily ever after. So this will be no different. But the amazing part of this adult romance is that while there were some sexual scenes, they weren’t like those in the erotic romances. There were no red rooms and submissive natures. There were no rich, well dressed bachelors with large dicks. Only an innocent woman living a crappy life that she is making the best of. A man who was a complete tool until she shoved his behaviour in his face and made him realized he wanted somebody who would challenge him and not just give into his desires in order to please him. They had to work hard, trust had to be built, struggles overcome and all without billions to do it.

In my overall opinion, a must read! Haag captured the fairy tale we know and love but made it realistic to adults and the things we have go through. 

Happy Reading


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