Posted 23rd January 2015

BankstersBanksters by Nicolas Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

( I received a copy of the eBook from the Goodreads group Read It & Reap in exchange for an honest review.)

4.5 Stars

I'm impressed, very very impressed.

This was such an amazing read and I was hooked right away. Once I started I had a hard time putting it down. I officially started it Monday (Thanksgiving Day here in Canada), it takes 5 top 6 hours or more, depending on the size, to cook a turkey. So while I was cooking dinner for my friends, I started to read and I got so engrossed that I kept missing my timings. I nearly missed starting the slat beef and peas pudding and that just messed everything else up. ( I was born in Newfoundland, so if what I just wrote sounds a little strange to you, google Newfie's jiggs dinner)

I absolutely loved the flow of the book, it was fast pace, and just when you thought one scam was over, another one started right back up. I was never board or lost, and even though I knew Dane was a bad guy, (evil really, devil got nothing on him) I was cheering for him to win. (view spoiler)

Dane does go through woman like candy, but his so meticulous, that he has them, for the most part, eating out his hand (and other places.. wink, wink) in a matter of minutes. In truth, besides being a sociopath he is a master chess player. He knows when to move, when to hold, making sure he's always five steps ahead, and most importantly, he knew when to sacrifice his ponds to secure his future victory.

I really loved the ending, because it was unforeseen, like that out of the blue last minute ditch move, that would probably throw a lesser person to rise the white flag or run himself through. Not Dane, he quickly worked out a perfect counter, that and like any good master, had a trap already in waiting.

Check and mate.

I highly recommend this book, don't get me wrong it is about how a sociopath, murdered, cheated, and pretty much destroyed others to get to the top, but even in the written word, Dane has this way of casting a spell on you, making you want him to win. That and as I said above this book is one big beautiful chess game that will have you so intrigued, that the pages won't stop turning until you reach that ultimate checkmate of a ending.

Books like this are hard to find, don't pass up this hidden gem you will not regret it.

Until we play again


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