A New Day At Midnight

A New Day at MidnightA New Day at Midnight
By: Michelle Hiscox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(I received this book free from Bookkus Publishing in exchange for an honest review)

4.5 Stars

I'm having trouble staring this review, I know what I want to say but I can't seem to get it out. This isn't a bad thing, I just don't how to put all my thoughts a feels down into something coherent.

Okay one thing at a time.

Hannah, I love her. What I loved the most, she never gave up, not even when it looked like she should have and just tossed Merik back into the dark, chains and all. She never lose track of what she wants, or who she was. Not even when her mind was full of lust for Merik or full of rage.

Merik, I didn't like him, not at first. All that anger and stupidly placed rage, just made me what to backhand some since into that thick scull of his. He does change the more he interacts with Hannah, and you get to see that sweet side that's been locked away from all the hate. He finds that boy he once was, and starts to find his own inner strength.

The only thing that bothered me, was that at times, no not at times, every time there was a pending smut scene, theres was so much talking. So much damn talking. Don't get me wrong, there was lots of clothes ripping, but it took forever to get there. SO much back a forth, I never seen a man so conflicted about what he wanted. One minted he's going for the smut, then in the next blink, he's sulking around, pushing her away, while acting like a damn child. It made me want to scream( Makeup your god damn mind) !

Overall the story is superbly constructed, and the world building is solid. You are giving just enough at the start to know what Merik is, but the word, as we know it, is never said. I love the mystery behind it. Though this is a overused concept, the way it was constructed and designed, is original.

There are similarities to Beauty and The Beast It has a lot of the same elements and interactions, mostly in the middle of the story. I giggled when I picked up on it. Well I may or may-not have done a fan girl scream....

I highly recommend this read. It's a hidden gem, with strong characters and a solid plot. You will be rooting for Hannah and Marik, because there's just something about them as a couple that makes you want to believe that they can make it.

Happy Reading


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