Yu Yu Hakusho, Volume 11: Eat or Be Eaten!!

Yu Yu Hakusho, Volume 11: Eat or Be Eaten!! (Yu Yu Hakusho, #11)Yu Yu Hakusho, Volume 11: Eat or Be Eaten!!
By: Yoshihiro Togashi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the volume that starts it all, the beginning of the end, well for the dark tournament at least.

I like the fighting in this one, more so because we get to see, even for a short time Yohko Kurama, Kurama/Shuichi's former form. We get to see how powerful he use to be, and it brings up the question, how powerful is Kurama/Shuichi really? It's never really explored, or really spoken about. Other then Hiei saying he rather have him on his said, not the other.

We also get to see the fruit of Hiei's training, and the release of the new and improved Dragon of Darkness. It's quite a show, even in the anime. Again Hiei's fight is short, and not much of a feels gripper like Kurama's, who I might add, nearly dies. ( The first time I saw that in the anime I was like, hell no, you cannot kill off one of my favourite main characters)

As the volumes comes to a end, it's Kuwabara's turn, and it's then he gets told a very heart breaking tail, one that Yusuke couldn't bring himself to say out loud.

All in all this is a heart gripping volume, and it's almost a set up volume, for when it's time for Yusuke to fight.

Again I implore you to take a chance on this fantastic story,

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