World Trigger, Vol. 1

World Trigger, Vol. 1World Trigger, Vol. 1 by Daisuke Ashihara
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I started with the anime first, and since it only started airing this fall, it's only at episode 7. (Edit: Correction to my last, the show is now at episode 15)

You can watch up to episode 16 on by clicking Here

I'm a bit of a spoil sport, so I went and read ahead.

I do not regret it.

I'm so happy I did that! Now I can compare and see how the anime is going. So far, not so bad,.

Back to the manga.

Oh my, I love it.

Action, mystery, and so much charter development, I've never so much charter devolvement before with the 80 cheaters that are released. It's progress fast, on track, and to point.

I like how the main isn't the perfect hero, he's normal, weak and I like it. It's about time we have someone like that. Makes it more relatable.

I will follow this manga to the end! Pick this up, you will not be-able to put it down.



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