Werewolf Nights

Werewolf NightsWerewolf Nights
By Mari Hamill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

( I received this book free from the author through Goodreads group {Shut Up and Read}[Read it and Reap] in exchange for my honest review. )

4.5 Stars!

I throughly enjoyed this read. Though it did start out a little slow for my liking, it does have most of the things I love about adult-paranormal romance. The cheesy lines, (I'm a sucker for cheese) the swoon moments, the strong female lead, the hot male lead that we all dream about and the tricky mystery that you know will be resolved in the end.

I was hoping that Catherine would turn out to be a werewolf, but that was just wishful thinking.

There were some things that seem a little too convent.

( Well hello there magic recipe to make the cure for the werewolf virus! Hell Yeah!)

And the ending seemed a little rushed. I was expecting there to be more time on the film and more interactions but the the whole double character of (triple..) Greg got in the way and did get a little old, but, was amusing. I didn't like the smut tease, not cool.

I enjoyed the overall feel and tone of the book. It was bright, even the darker themes weren't pitch black, more like grey. The werewolf lore had sad tones, and I felt bad for them. The story the film is based on is tragic, and cruel, but it has the truths of want a broken love can do to a person. There is a lot of grey and blurred lines.

Catherine is strong, a bit broken but strong. She stands by what she believes in and doesn't let the gossip effect her. I really wanted to try her baked goods, they sounds so delicious. Now I'm hungry!

Catherine is down to earth, a little detached form the world, but that's understanding. (I've stopped watching the news myself because it's depressing. I shouldn't have to hunt down the good feel stories. And people wonder why I escape into world of books so much,.. balls. ) I believe what I liked the most about Catherine was her duty to herself and her heart. Yes she was in deep lust feels for Charles/Greg, but she didn't jump into bed with him right away. She kept her head, and didn't let that insta-lust (because common it's never insta-love...) cloud her better judgement.

As for the steaming hot mess that is Charles/Greg. What can I say, he's everything we women dream about. A bit of an asshat, but he did make up for that in charm and devotion. I did however see the twist about him coming a mile away, but still, it made me happy. Good feels, fully feels.

The side characters are fun, and really makes the story and plot pop to life.

The ending, as I said earlier, felt a little rushed, but played out nicely. It does have a opening at the end, not so much for a second, but more like a spin off. I do hope there's one, it would be great.

All in all, I highly recommend this read. It's fun, light, hot and it will get those girls feels pumping.

Happy Reading


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