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The Navigator's Touch 
Series: (The Seafarer's Kiss #2) 
by Julia Ember
Publication Date:  September 13, 2018
Publisher:  Duet Books, the YA imprint of Interlude Press

After invaders destroyed her village, murdered her family, and took her prisoner, shield-maiden Ragna is hungry for revenge. A trained warrior, she is ready to fight for her home, but with only a mermaid and a crew of disloyal mercenaries to aid her, Ragna knows she needs new allies. Guided by the magical maps on her skin, battling storms and mutiny, Ragna sets sail across the Northern Sea.

She petitions the Jarl in Skjordal for aid, but despite Ragna’s rank and fighting ability, the Jarl sees only a young girl, too inexperienced to lead, unworthy of help. To prove herself to the Jarl and win her crew’s respect, Ragna undertakes a dangerous expedition. But when forced to decide between her own freedom and the fate of her crew, what will she sacrifice to save what’s left of her home?

Inspired by Norse mythology and J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, this companion novel to The Seafarer’s Kiss is a tale of vengeance, valor, honor, and redemption.

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My Rating: 5 Stars 
My Recommendation: High


This book was such a adventure, strongly detailed and engaging the book ended before I knew it! 

I have to say wasn't expecting to live this book as much as I did. The writing was smooth easy to follow, and the plot made sense and stayed true. 

So here's the deal, have I intrigued you? Good, because I'm not going to tell you anything else about this one of a kind read. And if you're on the cuff, or think I'm wrong, the you're just going to have to read the book to find out why I'm so wordless. 

Happy Reading 

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Julia Ember is the author of The Seafarer's Kiss and The Navigator's Touch, as well as several novellas and short stories for young adults. Originally from Chicago, Julia now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her hobbies include riding horses, starting far too many craft projects, and looking after her city-based menagerie of pets with names from Harry Potter. She regularly takes part in events for queer teens. A world traveler since childhood, she has now visited more than sixty countries.

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