Order of the Dimensions

Order of the DimensionsOrder of the Dimensions
By: Irene Helenowski
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

( I received this book free from the Author in exchange for my honest review )

I'm not fully sure if I like or dislike this book. The premises and plot is interesting, and had much potential, but as the story moved forward it got lost somewhere along the way.

I found the writing flat and dull at times. There also a repeat factor happening. It was like I was reading the same scenario over and over again, until the book ended. I was fed up after the first time.

There was a lot of jumping around, and POV swaps, like it was written to be a multiply episode TV drama. It reminded me of pokeman, where every episode is the same.

There wasn't much description, zero to none for the characters, even when new ones are introduced. There is also mindless filler conversations that don't need to happen, only there as a means to fill space. I skipped over that, because it was angering and annoying. Compare it to siting on the bus and having to listen to some strangers typical, how are you, conversation, and just wishing it would end.

Jane, our fearless leader, or whatever she is. I didn’t get anything from her, I can't even tell you what's she's like. I got so confused about her that I just gave up. At the beginning she's in a lab, normal. Then she goes into a room, presses some button and walks out into the, wait for it, same lab. I didn't know she had changed dimensions. This happen a few more time before it clicked in, and I was confused and hell.

As for the villain, I got fed up with him as well. I got angry because of his single mindedness and just him in general. I normally enjoy villains; they make the story fun, but this one. No, just no. I have a simple fix for the mess he kept creating. Shoot him in the bloody head, not just once, go to every dimension and assassinate him. Another irking point, why is he so obsessed with Jane? It's never explained, nothing, is really explained. No background, inner ramblings, or the typical villain monologue. I know that one’s cliché, but sometimes they're needed.

So why am I giving this a 3 star?

Despite all that, the story grew on me, like a bad TV movie. But like I said the plot is interesting, and the theory present is fascinating. The more you think about it, the more it has you wondering, what life am I having in different dimension? What different choices did I make to get me there, instead of where I am now?

As I said, this read started out flat, but it did spark, thus inflating its flow and urgency, making it a pretty fast read. The ending did close out nicely, but it was left open for the second book. But I have a feeling that the second might be a repeat at the first. Havening the same scenario happen over and over again, no matter how life endangering it’s made, isn't going to change the fact that it's the same thing; like I said, pokeman.

I recommend this read if you like mind twisting inter-dimension travel and a fast moving story.

I would like to thank Irene Helenowski for asking me to read this interesting look of what, our lives could have been if we made just one choice differently.

Happy Reading


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