Demons In Disguise

Demons in Disguise (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #3)Demons in Disguise
By: A&E Kirk
My rating: ★★★★★

Oh Wow!

This book was worth the wait! I tried to read it slowly, I even forced myself not to start reading it right away; but damn it I just couldn't. This book, this series, is just too good.

Right out of the gate we're trusted into madness as our fearless clumsily hero, Aurora, scrambles about trying to fight off killer demon's, that she can only see, while trying to salvage the date her and Aden are on. There is fast solid action, gun fire, explosions and just play old crazy. The kicker, this all happens in the first few chapters. Talk about an entrance. It was glorious!

We're also introduced to some new characters, well one character in perceptual, dreamy Christiano. In truth I wasn't to keen on him at first, but damn it was hard not to get distracted by his hotness and his slurry ways. I have a new crush, Team Christiano, don't worry Jayden I have room in my heart to a multitude of fiction male characters.

But, my real enjoyment is the interactions between the Hex boys. Growing up with brothers, crazy cousins, a metal family, and now in the Military working mostly with men, it's a warm fuzzy to read such real interactions and witty banter. It brings back memories and gets me laughing like a crazy person (my dad has given me few WTF looks while reading this wonder). Not only the banter, but the writing flows in this off-rhythm smoothness that isn't like anything I have ever read before. I don't believe I have witness a story, either written or in media (movies. TYV) where there are no plot holes. This is dedication to the craft and a love of writing that shows through, in this work of crazy art.

Then there is Aurora, oh Aurora, how do you managed to tie your shoes and come out unscaved? You're like the most luckily and unluckiest person that ever walked the face of the earth, and will, hell. A cockroach got nothing on you my dear. Besides her weird ability test the bodies limited on thriving to survive, Aurora's mind is on another plain. I love it! You know what else I love? She always give her unknown assailants nicknames. Razor Rick, Armani, ha! Spectacular!

Besides her being bluntly awesome, she is, to me, real. She isn't perfect, she gets afraid and she doesn't always win. There is scene where her PTSD is triggered, how she reacted, the flashbacks, and fear that surged all at once had me catching my own breath and wishing I could help. These are the moments that makes the story more then just a story. It brings the reader there, with our hero, connecting our hearts and feeling their pain. It is this ability that makes a story remarkable, unforgettable, rather then another okay read stocked in the back and soon forgotten from our short attention span minds.

Now I would like to touch on the principal, Angie Clarke. She wasn't a big character and didn't have a lot of screen time, but she was a character I named because I was lucky enough to win a giveaway that was host last year, through the blog tour of Drop Dead Demons. I'm please (giggly really) with this character and happy to see my friend's name forever immortalized in the written word. Sadly Angie passed away six years ago of heart failure. She was 19, sick most of her life, but lived like most of us don't. I never knew a girl more alive, bright and kind. She would've loved the character A&E Kirk conjured up. Thank you, she's alive again, living in your wonderful, crazy world, where anything can and will mostly likely happen.

I highly recommend this book, this series. There isn't anything out there like it, and believe me I know, I make it my mission to search for these hidden original gems that get lost among the cookie cutter clutter that is YA. You will get hooked on this series, and you will never find another book like it.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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