The Summoning (Darkest Powers, #1)

The Summoning (Darkest Powers, #1)The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
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4.5 Stars

Where to start with this book

Loved it.

This is my second time reading it, the first was two years ago while I was on a sail. The ship went to emergency station (we crashed into a dock, I went flying, wasn't very fun, got oil on my book :(...) while I was in the middle of reading, so my memories of the book are linked with that long day of hell. So I decided to reread it, to get a fresh look, to make sure my liking for the book wasn't because all the drama that had passed.

To say the least, I wasn't at all disappointed. I will point out that there are something’s I didn't like.
When Cloe dyed hair in the bathroom sink. For anyone who has done a home dye job, especially with red, you know it doesn't take 20 minutes. It takes longer, and it always looks like a murder scene afterwards. I ruined more shower curtains. Besides home highlights never work. -At least not for me-. For those of you that have succeeded, I bow to you.

At times I did find Cloe a little, nasty. Some of the assumptions she made about the other kids, didn't sit well with me. I did look at it in a different way, (like if I was tossed into a group home for being mentally ill, when I was a teen, well, I would have been gone before the sheets were cold.) I can understand.

The main reason I like this particular YA, is because.

1. The main (Chloe), doesn't fall for the cute, (hot, godly, drool worthy, and all those other YA terms, to make a teen boy sound drop-dead hot) perfect guy.

2. She doesn't feel the need to stalk him, like other mains in YA,( I don't need to give examples, you all know….) or feel like they were destined to be together forever (and every, and ever.. ;p). Some of the YA out there could give Deadly Devotion (ID Discovery) a run for their money.

3. Chloe's smart, thinks things through. She’s a bit of a brat, like most teens but she stands up for herself, and doesn't take sh*t from the others. (Most of the time.)

I enjoyed how this book focuses is on the kids, and the experiments that had been done on them. It's not so much a love story, it's more on the lines of an action, supernatural YA.

Those who have read the other books know it doesn't really have the typical happy ending. (Pretty close to it.)

The development of Chloe and her relationship with the other kids is real (minus the supernatural). Nothing is rushed, their feelings aren't rushed, no one is announcing their undying love or throwing away their rational thoughts because their soul mate showed up, (I’m ranting, but you get what I'm saying.). The story progresses very naturally.

I have to add, though Derek is a jerk, I like him.
Fits Chloe perfectly.


- Emily

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