By: M.A. George
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

( I received this book free from Goodreads group, {Shut up and Read}[Read it and Reap] in exchange for my honest review. )

4.5 Stars.

This book has made me fall in love with YA again, or can you call it YA, this has more of a NA feeling to it. In all, I'm in deep feels with this wonder.

This story is original, and it strayed away from the normal cliché that haunt YA/NA books. For one there was no, NO, insta-love; in fact love wasn't even mentioned. The relationship between Layla and Tristan developed naturally, cheesy, but in all it flowed nicely and I felt it. It didn't take away from the plot, or nor did it cloud Layla's mind with lust and stupid notions that she had, instantly found her prince charming. Heck, there's this one scene where she's running away from him at full tilt. I laughed so hard, I can't even...

The only fault that I can really pin on this, was that at times, I felt like there was too much description, too much comparing one thing to another. Filler is what I call it, there wasn't a lot of it, but enough to get my annoyed flag flying.

I love the ending, sure it had the stupid cliché start to it. But I like how Layla got herself out of the life endangering situation, (that she put herself into) well she talked her way out of it. I just like how fast she can come up with something out of nothing. She is by far one of my favourites female leads, ever!

Pike, as much as a jerk he's made out to be, when it came down to it, there was heart under that titanium wall. By the end of the book I was liking his foul mouth. It gave the story a spark, and always made for good banter.

One of the selling points for this read is that it's straight forward. When things got real, there was no pussyfooting around the secrets. Tristan was good at that, sure he was a nice guy and all, but he know when to be harsh and tell it how it was. For male leads, he's kind of perfect. And my god, he wasn't a jerk, he didn't treat Layla like crap. No, he supported her, believed in her, and was everything a normal YA male lead is simply, not. A freaking decent human (well sort of, he's not really a human per-say)

I highly recommend this book, it's fresh, original, and simply put magical. It has a sweet yet simple love story, that connects you with the characters. You can't help but root and fall along with them. A fall so natural that you wish them well and hope they never see hard times. This book is an outstanding work of art, that should be talked about.

I would like to thank M.A. George for giving me the opportunity to read this astounding book.

Happy Reading



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  2. I enjoy an enthusiastic review. Good job, Emily.


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